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Welcome to Alperstein And Associates
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Benefits of Working With Us

  1. Personalized plans to fit your budget

    Finances are personal and we know that not everyone has the same needs, so our programs take into account your budget and circumstances to make sure your plan is affordable for you while still getting you out of debt in a reasonable amount of time

  2. No upfront fees

    Other debt relief options can require hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fees just to get started. With Alperstein And Associates, there are no start-up fees and you never pay a settlement fee until a debt is resolved and you save money.

  3. Dedicated team of professionals that work for you, not the creditors

    Our Client Service Team will reach out to you to complete your Welcome Call and make sure you understand the details of your program. You will continue to work with caring professionals who will take the time to understand your situation and keey your program on a path to success. Our Attorneys will get you the best terms with your creditors.

    • Our attorneys have years of experience working with creditors and are highly skilled at settling debts for the largest savings and in the shortest amount of time.
    • Our Client Service team manages your account and supports you along the way.
    • Our Client Specialists and attorneys are available by phone and email to answer any questions you have and make sure your account stays on track.

Here's what to expect on the Debt Settlement Plan

First Scheduled Draft!
Be sure to have funds available for your first scheduled draft. Please give us at least 5 business days notice for any changes.
Creditor calls.
When you stop paying your creditors -- expect them to call. We have put together some tips on dealing with creditor calls that you can read on our website FAQs.
Put your savings to work.
You now have the chance to build up the emergency fund you've wanted with the monthly cash flow savings from your plan.
Patience pays off!
Getting out of debt will take time -- with consistent drafts, typically our clients experience their first settlement within their first 6 months. Pro Tip: Being patient can result in better settlements.
Settlement timing.
Settlements take time because: sufficient funds need to accumulate to negotiate; accounts usually need to be delinquent before creditors will negotiate; and based on our creditor intelligence we strategically approach each one at a time that will result in the best settlement for you.
Credit report.
Not making regular monthly payments to your creditors generally will have a negative impact on your credit score. Remember that your main goal is resolving your debt, then you can focus on rebuilding your credit
Alperstein & Associates fees.
Alperstein and Associates does not charge any "up-front" fees, however we are entitled to collect our full fee upon the first payment of each structured settlement.
Opportunity for special drafts.
Occasionally, a creditor will propose a settlement that requires more money than is available in your escrow account. When this occurs, we'll ask if you have additional funds to take advantage of the offer. If not, that's OK -- we'll keep negotiating. Pro Tip:Any time you add additional funds, it can speed up progress.
Settlement completed.
Most settlements will be structured as a series of payments to your creditor. Once the last payment is made, the account will be considered "settled" and you are that much closer to your goal of becoming debt-free.
Completing the program.
Once your last account is settled, you will have completed the program. Around 60-90 days after completing the program, you will want to review your credit reports to ensure creditors have updated your account status accurately, if there are any errors, you can contact us and we can assist you.
Keep up the great work! Now you can feel from debt and in control. You've achieved your goal and can begin to enjoy a life of true financial freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions


Debt settlement is an innovative debt relief option for people who need relief from a serious amount of high interest credit card debt. Through debt settlement, Alperstein and Associates will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf to accept less than the amount that you owe – with the goal of "settling" your credit card debt for an amount you can afford to repay. Debt settlement provides short term relief with a reduced monthly payment, long term relief by allowing you to payback less than what you owe, and time savings by getting you out of debt in approximately 24 to 60 months.

Advantages of a Settlement Program

  • One low monthly program payment.
  • Payment is typically less than your current minimum payments.
  • Resolve debt significantly faster than you can on your own.
  • Substantial savings in the total amount paid.
  • No upfront fees.

Potential Disadvantages of a Settlement Program

  • Program primarily benefits those with high-balance credit cards.
  • Success relies on making timely and consistent monthly payments.
  • Creditors could increase collection efforts.
  • Negative impact on credit score.

You can expect your creditors to be contacted when we determine that your account is eligible for settlement based upon our experience with each creditors for when they may agree to a settlement on your account. This can depend on several factors such as delinquency days, payments made towards principal balance, charge off date that may include post charge off settlements. Here at Alperstein & Associates, we want to ensure that you are getting the best settlement, and this can mean holding off on until your account becomes eligible for the lowest offer.

After your settlements are negotiated in terms that are agreed upon with your creditors, we must ensure that each payment gets made to the creditor for the entire duration of the settlement before the creditor can report to the bureau on the status of each account. Your accounts must be paid per the terms of the settlement in the full amount agreed upon. Please allow your creditor up to 3 months to update your credit report and showed paid in full. Creditors will likely update the account status as payments are made.

You can add additional debt to your program at any time. You can do so, by chatting with a live specialist here. Please have your bank’s routing and account number readily available, as well as a statement from the creditor that is maximum 2 months old. We value your time and this information will assist in adding your accounts in an efficient manner.

Our Client Loyalty Group is readily available to assist you via live chat support by clicking here Monday–Friday, 8am–8pm EST, Saturday 9am-6pm EST or via phone Monday-Friday from 9am-8pm EST.

You can contact Alperstein & Associates in multiple ways. You may use our chat feature here or email us at [email protected].

Yes, you may access your drafts, settlements, payments, fees and transactions all through your global holdings account.

We will attempt to negotiate settlements for accounts based upon your monthly draft schedule, the negotiated settlement we are able to achieve, and affordability. Priority will be given to accounts where a creditor has initiated legal proceedings.

This is very important for the success of your program. You can chat with a live specialist by clicking on the “Click to Chat” option. You may also contact our Customer Loyalty Group during normal business hours so they can assist you. Please have your most recent statement that includes your name, the account number and the creditor balance, readily available.

We understand this happens from time to time. If you miss a monthly draft, we strongly recommend that you try to make it up so that your program is not delayed. We can work with you to produce a plan to get back on track. If you are in the middle of a payment plan on a debt that has been settled and your missed draft is not made up before the next scheduled payment going out to your creditor, please note this will likely result in losing your settlement and requiring we renegotiate when you have the ability to make payments again, however, there are no guarantees that we can obtain the same settlement terms currently in place. Please give our Customer Service representatives a call to reschedule your missed draft.

If the applicable account is already enrolled in our program, please note you do not need to worry about keeping us updated with regular monthly statements or delinquent notices. We ask that you keep us updated with any third party collection notices that state the account was been transferred to their collection office and any settlement offer letters by emailing a copy of the full document at [email protected].

We regret to hear you are considering cancelling your program. You may cancel at any time. We have a team ready to assist you in discussing this matter. Our goal is to help resolve your debt and there may be alternatives available to you if we have a better understanding of your situation and hardship in continuing with the program. Please contact our Client Relations Team at 443-853-1787 or email us with the best time to reach you at [email protected].

We understand this may be necessary at times. Please make note that if there are settlements in place already with your creditor(s), changing your monthly draft may result in losing the settlement in place and will need to be negotiated again later with no guarantee that the same terms will apply. To make changes to your draft, please feel free to use our chat feature to speak with a live chat representative, during normal business hours. Please allow at least 5 business days in advance of your next scheduled draft to ensure that the draft change can be adjusted.

Once a settlement has been agreed upon between Alperstein & Associates and your creditor, we will only send out payments on your behalf for the amount and on or before the due date mentioned within the settlement agreement term.